In this concert we explore vocal and instrumental music by composers linked to the spectacular court of Louis XIV, the 'Sun King'; in particular Lully, with extracts from his operas and opera-ballets, and instrumental and vocal works by others active around the court.  Arias from two of Lully's most famous Tragedies-lyrique (operas) are performed: 'Persee' (in which Mercure sings to send Medusa - and her snakes! -to sleep) and 'Phaeton'We also perform extracts from his most celebrated Comedie-ballet 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme'.

The concert opens with the very first setting by Cavalli of the now famous text 'Ombra mai fu' performed at the Sun King's wedding. Unusual works include Moulinie's amusing dialoque between a noble Spaniard trying (unsuccessfully) to chat up a French lady and ballet music by Dumanoir - probably the first danced by the young king himself.  Also Monteclair's much acclaimed work for tenor (narrator) and soprano 'La morte di Lucretia' recounting the triumph over tyranny, even after death, of the eponymous heroine. Other instrumental music will include one of Couperin's Concert Royaux and chamber music - Lully's Trios pour le couchez de Roy used to put the king to bed!  In short, a melange of different music providing a range of textures and styles appealing to a wide variety of tastes. 

'A la court du Roy Soleil'

Le mariage et les aventures

 'Ombra mai fu'  from 'Xerxes' (Paris, 1660)                         Francesco Cavalli (1602 - 1676)

Airs de court: 'Les souffrances des amoureux'

'Iris, depuis que je vous aime' (ten)                                      Sebastien Le Camus (ca. 1610-1677)

'Vos mepris chaque jour' (sop)                                             Michel Lambert (1610 -1696) 

'Fuyons cette rive charmante' (duet)                                    Le Camus

'Le roy danse'

Suite: Charivaris, A Limpero D'amore, Petit Bransle           Guillaume Dumanoir (1615-1697) 

Les charmes du Sud

Dialogue 'Souffrez beaux yeux' (ten)                                   Etienne Moulinie (1599-1676)                      

Airs seul: 'Repicavan las campanillas' (sop), 

'Por la verde orilla' (ten)                                                        Moulinie  

Duet 'Cede al vostro valore' and La petite chaconne 

from 'Le Ballet D'Alcidiane'                                                   Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 - 1687)                                                                                                                                                                                                           'La guitare royalle'

Gavotte aymee du Duc de Monmouth

 'J'ay bergere et nuit et jour' (ten)                                            Francesco Corbetta (ca. 1615 - 1681)

Sarabande:Tombeau de Madame 'Falloit il o Dieux' (sop)                Corbetta 
Allemande Cherie du Duc D'York 'Chi vuol la liberta' (duet)            Corbetta 

'Le Comedie-ballet donne par le Roy' 

Extracts from 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme' (Paris 1670): 

from Entree Les Espagnol, from Entree Italiens,

Chaconne des Scaramouches, Trivelins et Arlequins.                        Lully



'M. Lully: Sur-intendant de la musique du Roy'

Passacaile from Trios de chambre pour le coucher du Roy               Lully
'O tranquil Sommeil'  (ten) from Perse(1682)                                  Lully              

Les tragedies lyrique        

Symphonie, Gavotte, Chaconne from  Trios de chambre pour le coucher du Roy          Lully 

'Il me fuit, l'inconstant!' (sop) from 'Phaeton' (1683)                     Lully                                


Les concerts royaux

Prelude, Allemande Fuguee, Muzette, Forlane  (Concert Royaux Paris 1722)        Couperin


'Les pensees crepuscule'    

'La morte di Lucretia'  for soloist (sop) and narrator (ten)   Michel Pignolet de Monteclair (1667-1737)